Seagull Children

Morro_Bay_California_seagulls crop

“Seagull Children” by Sharon Rauenzahn

The children flap across the playground
Wheeling and turning, wild in the spring breeze
Their voices the calling of seagulls
Ocean echoes on a blacktop sea
Jackets flapping, backpacks flapping
Soon they will take flight
Headlong into the wind
Wheeling and turning
Lofting up over the lunch benches
Over the monkey bars
Over the classrooms, the library
Even the flagpole
Out will come the office lady, shouting
“You come down right now!”
But it’s too late
The warm air lifts their wings
Sails them higher and farther
Out of reach, out of sight
To some other beach
Or a job they never thought of
I taste the salt air on my lips

March 29, 2016

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