Sestina for Cyrano

pens-and-ink crop“Sestina for Cyrano” by Sharon Rauenzahn

Words would fail, were I with you.
To me, you are both love and hate.
Knowing this only, I long for truth.

What is truth?
Just this: I’d die for you.
Some things are worth knowing.
I wish you would
wish to know me,
with something other than hate.

I really hate
when people use truth
to lie to me!
That’s what you
say, knowing.

But you must never know
the heights of my hate,
all the things I would
If I could, O ugly truth!
do with, to, for, about you,
who never look at me.

That’s how it is for me.
I can’t help knowing
all about you,
how much you’d hate
this, my truth
just as I would.

Knock on wood,
some day you’ll want me,
despite, because of, truth.
I don’t know.
Some days, hate
is much like loving you.

My fear: you

Would you hate truth, knowing me?

rev. 8/24/2016
(orig June 17, 1993)


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