Bicycle Thieves

sprinkler head hex

“Bicycle Thieves” by Sharon Rauenzahn

I was not afraid, that day we got mugged.
There wasn’t time. Two grinning boys jogging
Out from a side street, sudden burst of speed,
And we were off our bikes, crashed into dirt.
A car swerved, peeled away in pursuit.
We limped a block towards home, flagged down a cop
Improbably at the corner as we came.
Another car screamed by, driver shouting:
“Your bikes are over there!” and sped away.
We answered questions badly, couldn’t describe
The guys that took the bikes. Tall? Black? The smiles
Were all that struck me. We got the bikes back:
Happy reckless drivers chased the boys,
Brought our bikes, intact, back in their trunks,
Told things to the cops we couldn’t hear
And it was done, and we went home together.
Later, I went back to find the object
That broke my fall, leaving a hexagon scar
Next to my knee. Later, I was afraid
Of smiling strangers, and sprinkler heads.

April 6, 2016


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