The Scent of You is Clinging

“colorwarp2-060207” by Ruth Temple

“The Scent of You is Clinging to This Room” by Sharon Rauenzahn

The scent of you is clinging to this room.
I cannot turn my head to get away
from knowing you have been here.  Every day
it fades a little; cloth left on the loom
fades thus in sunlight.  Soon, so very soon,
you shall be gone, and not be found again
no matter where I turn.  I think the pain
will fade as quickly:  slowness is no boon
for hearts too blind to keep account of time.
Will this fade fast or slow?  I cannot tell:
my brain is addled, trying still to smell
what’s long since faded.  In a warmer clime,
I should have done the washing, and would know:
that you are gone and gone, and will not go.

October 2, 1992


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