Pompei – scene from the Trojan war

“Cassandra” by Sharon Rauenzahn

There’s always one cop in the movie
or the tv show
who sees what’s really there:
the old lady smiling, turns with a demon face,
shows the camera
what we’re supposed to think he sees.

Or the one scientist who predicts
the earthquake, the comet,
the tsunami, the life-changing plague.
But he can’t prove it.
He has to wait for the disaster
Only he can see coming.

If this were a movie, I would be that cop.
I knew. I saw it coming.
Never quite believing,
I could only wait, forgetting
my own untold warning:
A silent Cassandra.

When it happens, so suddenly,
it comes out of nowhere:
The knock at the door,
the midnight phone ringing, ringing.
Everyone is so surprised.
Everyone is so shocked.

And I am shocked too,
but not surprised.
Now that it’s too late
I remember my own fore-knowledge.
Shattered, smug, telling myself
I told you so.



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