Black Rock (for Ume)


“Sunset at Black Rock” by Craig Stanfill, cropped, via flickr

“Black Rock (for Ume)” by Sharon Rauenzahn

The black rock presses back against the sea.
Waves crash against its back, spit through its cracks.
Let us astonish ourselves, let us leap,
Blind to convention, out among those deep
Waters, waves parting as we arc faster,
Hands outstretched, fingers gripping until we
Cover our own heads, astonished, blinded
By salt foam, water swallows our faces.
Blind, we grope towards each other, lost in deep
Waters. Nothing holds here, nothing can keep
Its old shape. Let the undertow draw us
Under, deeper, leaving no trail behind
Us, airless, lost to black rock and the sea.
Laughing, we leap backwards, spitting out salt.

March 2018

Liturgy for the Gun Church (2)

photo: free image via pixaby

“Gun Church Liturgy (2)” by Sharon Rauenzahn

I am a good shepherd! I’ve worked my
Whole life for everything I’ve got.
I lie down in green pastures
I fish in quiet waters
I go to church whenever my soul wants refreshing.
My momma led me in the right paths,
I carry my father’s name.
Mostly I keep out of dark
Valleys, but if I have to go in,
I’m thankful for my concealed carry permit,
And my right to own an AR-15.
I will fear no evil,
For I can take care of myself pretty well.
I like old hymns and country music,
Comfort food for a tired soul.
My wife sets the table
If she gets a good shift at Walmart
And makes it home before I do.
Otherwise I set it myself.
We all work there now, it’s the
Only place left that’s still hiring.
I can change my own oil.
I don’t drink too much.
But I still have a shorter lifespan
Than my old man did.
I just want to live and die
In my own damn house,
With my own damn guns,
And my own damn dog.
Is that too much to ask?

March, 2018

Liturgy for the Gun Church (1)


“Gun Church Liturgy (1)”, by Sharon Rauenzahn

Our Father, which art in Heaven,
Hallowed be thy Second Amendment.
Hallowed be the First one, too, which
Confirms our Right to worship Thee
Howsoever we darn well please.
Don’t fret too much about thy Kingdom,
We will usher that in on thy behalf.
We’ll enforce thy will on Earth;
You keep doing your thing in Heaven
(I think we’re all good with that).
Give us this day our daily bread,
And forgive us our occasional misgivings,
As we work against all those
Who mistakenly work against Thee.
Lead us not into weakness or sentimentality,
But deliver us from Lefties, Pinkos,
Transgenders, Queers, Greens,
Any and all gun-control advocates, and
Above all, from Hillary Clinton.
For thine is the Kingdom, and the
Power, and the Glory that you have
Given us, forever and ever,

March, 2018